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Tool Kit

Protein & Nucleic Acid Search

Nucleic Acid Search

Protein Search

Sequence Analysis

Database Notification Services

Image Databases


Database Sources (downloadable images of sequence databases)

  • Human STS - Human Physical Mapping Project, Whitehead Institute
  • TREMBL Translated protein sequence database, EBI

Organism-Specific Databases

Journals Indexes

Other Electronic Publications

Biology/Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Software

  • Artemis - DNA sequence viewer and annotation tool (Java)
  • BioCatalog -catalog of software for molecular biology and genetics
  • Dynafit - statistical analysis of (bio)chemical kinetics and equilibrium binding data
  • MODELER - Homoplogy protein structure modeling (UNIX)
  • PHYLIP - Phylogeny Inference Package
  • PRATT - Find patterns in unaligned protein sequences
  • Regress+ - non-line curve fitting, deterministic and stocastic modelling (Macintosh)
  • Sequencher - Sequence analysis software
  • Seqin - Sequence submission tool
  • SeqSearch - Primer Design/Motif Search/Restriction mapping (Windows)
  • VacMan - analysis of infectivity data from animal trials (IBM / Macintosh)
  • VMD- Visualization and Analysis of Biomolecular Systems (unix)
  • WPDB - protein structure database search and display (Windows)

Indexes of BioScience-Related Services

Molecular Biology WWW Servers

Cardiovascular Related

Funding Agencies

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