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Profile of Barry Finegan, MB, FFARCS(I), FRCPC

John M Seubert
Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine
8120 Clinical Sciences Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton AB  T6G 2G3

Tel: 780.407.8887
Fax: 780.407.3200


I am interested in myocardial protective strategies with particular emphasis on ischemic preconditioning and adenosine induced cardioprotection. We have shown that ischemic preconditioning and adenosine administration alter myocardial substrate use by reducing rates of glycolysis during ischemia and reperfusion. We are currently investigating the effectiveness of ischemic preconditioning under conditions of prolonged storage. We are hoping to develop novel therapies to protect the human heart awaiting cardiac transplantation.

A main objective of my research is to provide a link between the basic science laboratory and the clinical practice of medicine. We are currently conducting studies in patients undergoing cardiac surgery to assess the mechanical functional consequences of altering myocardial metabolism. We hope in the future to use similar approaches to he study of human hearts following transplantation.

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