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Profile of Paul Jurasz, PhD

Jason Dyck
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
6152 Dentistry/Pharmacy Centre
University of Alberta
(780) 492-2120


Pharmacology of Platelet-derived Angiogenesis Regulators

Platelets contain abundant pro- and anti-angiogenic mediators which help regulate angiogenesis. In my laboratory we study the pharmacological regulation of platelet-derived angiogenesis mediators in an attempt to inhibit growth of blood vessels to tumors and to promote therapeutic blood vessel growth for cardiovascular disease. Specifically, we are investigating the role of platelet-derived angiostatin plays in limiting angiogenesis, and how its production is regulated by serine and matrix metalloproteinases. Further, we are interested in how nitric oxide and protein kinase C signaling pathways influence the release of angiogenesis regulators from platelets.

For our studies the laboratory techniques that we use include platelet aggregometry, flow cytometry, microscopy, immunoblot, zymography, PCR, and various angiogenesis and endothelial cell migration assays.

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