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Profile of Evangelos Michelakis, MD

Evangelos MichelakisEvangelos D. Michelakis
2C2.36 WMC University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2R7


E-mail: emichela@cha.ab.ca


Dr. Michelakis received his MD from the University of Patras in 1990. Following a research fellowship at the University of Texas in Galveston, he completed his Internal Medicine and Cardiology training at Yale University and the University of Minnesota. He is an assistant professor of Medicine (Cardiology) at the University of Alberta since 8-1-1998. Since his arrival at the U of A he has received funding from the AHFMR (Clinical Investigator) and the Alberta Lung Association. He is a member of the Vascular Biology Research Group. His research interests are focused in the role of potassium channels in the control of vascular tone in the pulmonary and the systemic circulation. He has recently been studying the effects of chronic hypoxia on cellular electrophysiology and vascular reactivity as well as the mechanisms that control tone in the pulmonary veins and the human ductus arteriosus. He is the 1999 recipient of the Richard Row Young Investigator Award (sponsored by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society) and he was first runner-up in the 1999 Cournard-Comroe Young Investigator competition (sponsored by the American Heart Association). Techniques routinely used in his laboratory (located on the 4th floor of the AHFMR building) include: cellular electrophysiology (whole-cell and single-cell patch clamping), intracellular Ca++ fluorescence imaging, tissue baths (vascular rings), the mice and rat isolated perfused lung models, immunoblotting, immunohistochemistry, RT-PCR and the chemiluminescence technique for measuring NO and NO oxidation products. There is currently 1 position open for a student at the graduate or postgraduate level.

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