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Core Services:

Please refer to contacts for booking information.

  1. Pre-clinical Echocardiography Core
    High Frequency Ultrasound Imaging and analysis using Visualsonics Vevo 770 and Vevo 3100 pre- clinical echocardiography systems. Please contact for fee structure.
    Contact: Donna Beker
    Location: Room 413 HMRC
    Email: donna.beker@ualberta.ca
    Phone: 780.248.1162
  2. Gene Transfer Core
    Perform construction and propagation of adenoviruses, also available are existing in-stock adenoviruses.
    Contact: Amy Barr
    Location: Room 430 HMRC
    Email: amy.barr@ualberta.ca
    Phone: 780.492.0312
  3. Metabolic Activity Core, Pre-clinical
    Non-invasive physiological and behavioral measurements such as activity, food and water consumption, metabolic performance and temperature using the Columbus Instruments’ Oxymax Lab Animal Monitoring System.
    Contact: Amy Barr
    Location: Room 2020 RTF
    Email: amy.barr@ualberta.ca
    Phone: 780.492.4508
  4. Pre-Clinical Surgical Room
    Customized surgery (TAC, MI, ECG, etc.) available upon request. Room also available for approved protocol procedures. Other available equipment includes treadmills, Data Science telemetry implants, nerve recordings and analysis, ITTC tail cuff BP measurements and ECHO MRI. Contact: Jody Levasseur email: jodyl@ualberta.ca
  5. Confocal Imaging Core
    The imaging systems in the core center are meant for imaging live cells in a controlled environment (temperature, CO2, humidity). Both confocal and wide-field fluorescence microscopy techniques are available.
    Contact: Nicolas Touret or Peter Light
    Location: Room 330 MSB
    Email: touret@ualberta.ca or peter.light@ualberta.ca
    Phone: 780.492.3513 (Nicolas) 780.492.0638 (Peter)
  6. HPLC Analytical Core
    Utilizing state of art HPLC and related equipment, provides quantitative analysis of compounds in samples of biological, industrial or related origins.
    Contact: Ken Strynadka
    Location: Room 0A8.41 Mazankowski Heart Institute, ABACUS
    Email: kstrynad@ualberta.ca
    Phone: 780.407.3502
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